The Gift of Ch'thon

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The Gift of Ch'thon is a lore note found in the Act 1 area Burrwitch Cathedral. It drops from Father Abaddoth - Betrayer of Menhir.

For too long have I slaved before gods that hold no sway over mortal affairs. Too long have I given sermons to the sheep all too eager for words of comfort in their sinful lives. My eyes have been opened to the greater universe, to the mercy of Ch'thon. For it is through his blood and sacrifice that we live and our lands thrive.

Humanity makes a mockery of Ch'thon's gifts. We are unworthy of this land, unworthy of his blood. And so his blood must be returned.

I've taken it upon myself to guide this flock to their true salvation. Slowly, at first, for as sheep are spooked by the sudden arrival of the wolf, so too these fools will be unwilling to accept the real truth even if it stared them in the eye. In time, their false idols will be struck down and they will be made to repent for their ignorance.

Each will be given a new purpose, whether by their own blood or by gathering it from others in our master's name.

But it matters not, for in the end of all things, we must all return to Ch'thon.

Father Abaddoth