The Darkness Writhes

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This note is found inside A Dilapidated Urn in Morgoneth's Folly.

By the light of Rahn, by the waters of Eyahna, the emptiness before us moves. Its tendrils seep into my very thoughts. I stare into what should be empty blackness and yet whispers fill my mind. How can mortals stand before such raw malevolence? The answer is as plainly before me as the sands beneath my feet: we cannot.

The abyss is inevitable, terrible and yet...beautiful. At first, I was terrified of its portents, but as my eyes adjusted to the nothingness, I realized that we are all meant to become as one with it. I teeter on the edge of the cobblestone path and I no longer fear what awaits all of us, even the gods.

I go now, to my destiny.