The City is Rotting

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This note drops from the Herald of the Stars in the Port Valbury Outskirts.

Menhir have mercy. How much more can go wrong in this rotting city? When the dumping grounds in old town started overflowing with refuse, people started piling up their garbage in the streets. When that wasn't enough, the heavy rains flooded the dumps and caused the retaining walls to break, unleashing a deluge of filth and rot into the district. Those that haven't already left are getting sick. Soon there won't be anyone left in the oldest part of town.

To make matters worse, the city guard has begun rounding up anybody that speaks up about the recent catastrophes. They search our carts and our homes without asking. Many blatantly steal and look us in the eye as they do it, as if daring us to lash out. If you resist, they arrest you. If they suspect you of plotting against the authorities, they arrest you. Is there no justice left in Valbury?

I stopped by Owald and Helen's home the other day to find their door broken in and marked with a strange symbol. I'm told Helen was a suspected witch and Owald was taken in for questioning for harboring her all these years. I've never heard a more preposterous thing. I left quickly lest somebody accuse me too.

This was my home. But now it feels like a dark strange place. It no longer feels safe.