The Burning Shores

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This note is found in a Dilapidated Urn in the Sunbane Oasis.

I cannot fathom what fate has befallen us. The water in the bay burns as if it were liquid flame, the countless ships docked along the piers consumed in an instant like twigs in a blacksmith's furnace. The hellish flames reach beyond the bay and threaten our city, our homes.

I still hear the screams of sailors as they burned alive and the chaos in the streets as the flames spread. My body is numb with fear, but my mind is racing; I cannot comprehend the sights I bore witness to in the dawn's light or what would bring such unimaginable tragedy upon us. The bay's flames linger in my mind like an unending nightmare.

Were it not for Yeahran's calm mind and quick action, I may have perished in the initial frenzy that ensued. While others panicked and fled, trampling each other in the process, Yeahran gathered us up and placed us in his wagon with a small satchel of supplies. Without delay or thought for himself, he sent the horse into a gallop towards the exit gates. He refused to come, saying that he had to stay and try to help others.

As refugees continue to gather at the Temple of Osyr, I've seen no sign of my dear husband. I do not know what has become of him, but I fear our future may be just as bleak.{^n}{^n}The skies to the north are burning. Red hot pillars of flame leap towards a dark ashen cloud that hangs over Korvan City. Whatever curse had stricken the Cairan Docks appears to continue there as well.

I pray that we will find safety to the south.