The Arcane Storm

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""Tumultuous energies rage within the aether, tapped into only by the daring, or the foolish."

The Arcane Storm is a level 72 Epic Item Set.

Pieces[edit | edit source]

Aetherstorm Amulet Icon.png Aetherstorm Sigil Icon.png Aetherstorm Seal Icon.png
Aetherstorm Amulet Aetherstorm Sigil Aetherstorm Seal

Set Bonuses[edit | edit source]

1/3 none
2/3 +5% Offensive Ability
3/3 +3 to Stormcaller's Pact
+3 to Devastation

Granted Skills

Aether Lightning (Granted by Item)
Unleash lightning infused with pure aether that cascades through your foes.
68 Energy Cost
Affects up to 7 targets
15% Weapon Damage
24-315 Lightning Damage
170 Aether Damage

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