The Amalgamation (note)

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This is a note that drops from The Amalgamation, located in The Gruesome Harvest.

Consensus is achieved. The sanctum of Homestead is to fall within the fortnight. With the Herald making its steady approach from the north, nothing but conflagration in its wake, it falls upon me to render a force capable of assaulting the human stronghold from the west. The reanimators are tirelessly working within the cages, pouring the gift of the Aether into the humans and trolls we had gathered for the purpose. But the real work will be conducted within the barn.

It is true that the humans have proven to be...difficult hosts, the mind struggles against a greater power it cannot possibly fathom. But the flesh? It is malleable, easily tainted. I look upon the corpses filling the barn with the stench of decay not as a sign of how fragile life is, but as a canvas; a canvas upon which we will paint the future of Cairn.

Theodin Marcell, Shaper of Flesh