Terrors of the Eldritch Realm

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This note is found in the Veiled Den.

I must admit, at first I was thrilled with my discovery. To defy the Witch Gods and transport myself to their domain without their knowledge was an exhilarating prospect; even more so when I succeeded. What I did not account for, however, is the intrinsic instability of the realm I had traveled to. The land itself, as astounding to behold as it is, shifts within a vast emptiness. The portal I had ripped through the veil became unstable within minutes of my exploration. I gasped in dismay from a distance as it ruptured and vanished before my eyes.

Without my reagents back on Cairn, I cannot possibly create another rift. My only chance now is to study the local flora in the hopes of discovering alternatives to my spell. This is a realm of raw wild magic, after all. Surely if the Witch Gods can harness it, then so can I.

There are, however, more pressing concerns. While I seem to have evaded the infinite gaze of Dreeg, I have attracted the attention of local wildlife. Most appear to be harmless, ravens with feathers that shimmer in the sunlight fly overhead and lizard-like creatures skitter around my feet, but from time to time I hear the bushes shift violently as something larger passes by. Unnatural sounds echoing in the distance have sent a chill down my spine on more than one occasion. Worse still, the sounds are getting closer.

I'm starting to believe now that my success was not so much due to outsmarting the gods themselves but them knowing that I was doomed to begin with. This is not the domain of humans. It is an untamed realm teeming with creatures beyond comprehension, and I have become their prey.