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Terrnox is a unique Boss Monster. He has three spawn points in the Burning Cellar.

When spawning at level 94 or above, Terrnox can drop the Boots of the Krieg's Armament Legendary Set (4.8% chance). He is best farmed in Elite difficulty, as the drop chance is the same as in Ultimate.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Skill Name Skill Type Damage Type
Chilling Strikes charged melee attack
5 Charge Levels
2.5 Second Charge Level Duration
+120% Cold Damage
+56% Total Speed
Shadow Strike melee
Piercing Damage
33% Reduction to Enemy's Health
150% of Attack Damage converted to Health
Frostburn Damage over 2 Seconds
Stun target for 0.5 Seconds
+500% Movement Speed
Aether Spikes projectile
5 Projectiles
Physical Damage
Piercing Damage
Bleeding Damage over 3 Seconds
Inverse Ice Spike Nova projectile nova
12 Projectiles
1.5 Meter Radius
Cold Damage
Frostburn Damage over 2 Seconds
Freeze target for - 1.7 Seconds
Fallen Comet
3 Meter Target Area
4.5 Meter Radius
Physical Damage
Cold Damage
Frostburn Damage over 5 Seconds
Freeze target for 0.9 Seconds
30% Reduced target's Resistances for 3 Seconds

Resistances[edit | edit source]

Fire 35%
Lightning 35%
Cold 35%
Aether 30%

Notable Drops[edit | edit source]

Aetherial Missive Icon.png Tainted Brain Matter Icon.png File:Ternrnox's Aether Tome Icon.png File:Ternrnox's Aether Tome Icon.png Krieg's Boots Icon.png
Aetherial Missive Tainted Brain Matter Ternrnox's Aether Tome Ternrnox's Aether Tome Krieg's Boots

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