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MI Crafting section:

I left out "Dropped From" for AoM items for the moment, because items drop from both normal mobs and bosses, and different players will have different preferences as to what kind of mob to target while farming. Mentioning a normal mob type without mentioning the bosses (that usually drop the same item at a higher drop rate) can leave readers believing it only drops from the mentioned mob type. For example, normal Wraiths have about a 10% chance of dropping Bound Wraiths while bosses drop them at rate of 35 to 50%. So do you just put "Wraiths" in the "Dropped From" field or do you include the names of bosses? If you include the bosses, do you list all of them?

Leaving the "Dropped From" field empty would force readers to look up the items on GrimTools, which would give them more complete information and let them decide from themselves which mobs to target for the drops.

Consider the usage scenario for this table.

Someone looks up a build and sees a craftable item that's used. It's most likely that that person will stay on GrimTools, find the blueprint of the item, and click through to find which mobs drop the needed MIs and other components. So that person won't visit the wiki looking for this info.

Which players are most likely to visit this page and use the info in the table as a reference?

I think it's players who discover that some crafting recipes use MIs and think, "Maybe I should save some MIs I come across in case I need them later." Then they come here and see the list. But the existing table isn't ideal when used in this way. To use it, the player would need to switch out of the game to consult the written list and compare the names. Something that would make this much easier is including screenshots of the MIs so readers could identify them visually as well. In an instant they will know what a Basilisk Mark looks like and know that they need to save the red ones (marks) and can vendor the green ones (crests).

Such players won't usually be going after specific mobs to get the item - after their inventory is full, they'll check the table to see which items they have that are on the list to see if they should stash or vendor them.

Replicant94614 (talk) 18:05, 5 January 2019 (UTC)