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Stormtrap is an Epic Scepter caster weapon.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Stormtrap Icon.png


Epic One-Handed Scepter
28-96 Lightning Damage
1.78 Attacks per Second

+108% Lightning Damage
+140% Electrocute Damage With +30% Improved Duration
456 Electrocute Retaliation Over 3 Seconds
+2 to Stun Jacks
+2 to Maelstrom

Granted Skills

Wind Devil (20% Chance when Hit)
Shamans were often called upon to bring rain in times of heavy drought. This ritual has been manipulated by clever Stormcallers to conjure a swirling wind devil that lifts rocks and debris into the air, battering foes and ravaging them with the harsh power of the elements. Wind Devils scale with player damage bonuses.
3 Second Skill Recharge
1 Meter Radius
3 Summon Limit
Wind Devil Attributes
Lives for 12 Seconds
Wind Devil Abilities
Howling Wind
3 Meter Radius
65 Physical Damage
50-112 Lightning Damage
33% Chance of Impaired Aim to target for 3 Seconds

Required Player Level: 75
Required Physique: 426
Required Spirit: 426
Item Level: 75

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