Splendors of the Eldritch Realm

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This note is found in the Astral Fields.

To behold the realm of the Eldritch Sun is a blessing onto itself. To be granted the honor by the divine himself is another matter entirely. But so it was on the day I visited the Temple of Rahn to breathe of the sacred incense that I was visited with a vision of golden light and flame. It was without a doubt a manifestation of our divine, Korvaak. I am certain of it. With arms open wide, he welcomed me to witness the splendors of his realm.

The temple walls dissolved around us and I found myself stepping onto a land for which words are lacking. Massive winged creatures glided in the distance, their glistening feathers backdropped by a brilliant starry sky. Auroras of raw magic flowed between vast floating islands of trees and plants I've never seen before. I touched one of the roots and raw arcane energies pulsed away from my fingertips.

It was all too much for a mortal mind to absorb. I turned to our benefactor with tears in my eyes. I could tell I was visibly shaking.

The Eldritch Sun took mercy on me and I awoke abruptly to find myself surrounded by the temple priests. I had apparently started convulsing and foam formed itself at the corners of my lips. The priests placed some herbs beneath my nose, which they say was what allowed me to awaken again. I told them that could not be true as I was visited by the Eldritch Sun himself.

I was looked upon as a madman. Why would I, of all people gathered at the temple, be granted such an amazing sight? For that I do not have an answer, but I cannot deny the gift I was given, even if the envious are in denial of its magnitude.