Sins of the Forgotten - 1st Entry

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This note is obtained in after completing the Exploring the Shattered Realm quest and completing the 15th level of The Shattered Realm.

Cast your eyes upon the splendors of Ralyoth and bear witness to the price of defiance, for by our own actions we forged our doom.

As tendrils of the great darkness rip and tear at our world, as we stare into our oblivion, one truth stands above all others: when our ancestors cast out our god they sealed our fate. As I look up at the star-less sky and the subtle writhing of the devourer, I find myself reminiscing of brighter days. Days when the children would run in the streets and laugh instead of cowering in cellars with their parents, awaiting the inevitable. Gone are the boisterous calls of the bazaar, the chatter of folk going about their day. We've all fallen silent. Some resort to prayer to any god that would listen; but none will answer for we had forgotten their names.

Such was the decree of our ancestors. Their words painted the divines as cruel, malicious and petty; but if it was by their will that our land exists, that we exist, what price is too high? Did our ancestors feel justified in their acts? In my final moments, I seek answers to these questions.

None barred my way as I entered the royal library. The guards were long gone, searching for solace amongst their families and peers. Some of the archivists remained, unable to break routine even in our end of days. Quizzingly, they pointed me to the tomes I required, they felt no need to deny me knowledge at a time like this.

What I uncovered shook me to the very core and opened my eyes to the hubris and defiance of our people...

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