Shroud of Illusion

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Shroud of Illusion is a Legendary Chest Armor.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Shroud of Illusion Icon.png

Shroud of Illusion

"The strange cloth shimmers and fades with the light, creating a mesmerizing illusion around the wearer."
Legendary Chest Armor
894 Armor

+36% Elemental Damage
25% Aether Damage converted to Elemental Damage
+480 Health
+36 Offensive Ability
44% Aether Resistance
22% Elemental Resistance
+2 to Mirror of Ereoctes
+3 to Conversion
+2 to Aura of Censure

Granted Skills

Ward of Illusion (Granted by Item)
Create shimmering field around yourself and your allies that distract your foes. This ability must be toggled to maintain its effect.
3 Active Energy Cost per Second
+150 Energy Reserved
15 Meter Radius
+50 Defensive Ability
8% Chance to Avoid Projectiles

Required Player Level: 58
Required Physique: 415
Item Level: 58

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