Security Concerns

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This note is found in the Remnants of Korvan City, near the Sunward Spire.

As this is now my fourth request for an increased guard retinue for our caravans, consider this a formal complaint and if my concerns are not addressed in a forthright manner, you can be certain that my voice will be heard by the merchant guild.

I've been told my previous correspondence had been ignored due to a lack of evidence of increase criminal activity on the Cairan Docks to Korvan City route; but I assure you, criminals are the least of our concerns. I imagine the thugs we normally contend with are facing the same constant onslaught we are!

There has been a staggering increase in wildlife activity across the entirety of the Korvan Basin. The natural predators are emboldened, attacking single travelers and sometimes the caravans themselves in broad daylight. In all my time managing the Caravan, I have seen nothing like it. They appear crazed as if driven mad by something. In addition, there have been numerous sightings of previously unknown and peculiar beasts, seen traveling in packs, stalking caravans through the deepest desert. One of my most trusted drivers even reported a gryphon matriarch down on the valley floor. What could possibly drive those behemoths down from their lofty perches?

Whatever it is, we need to secure the caravans or risk shipments stopping all together. I've lost such large quantities of product and men over the last month that trade ships have begun to complain about their deliveries not reaching merchants in the city. It's becoming more and more difficult to hire new hands because of rumors flying around of what happened to the previous crews.

We must have more guards to secure the caravans. Surely you magistrate types can imagine your life without fine wine and graceful silks. Let us not forget that it is the caravans and their courageous drivers that bring such luxuries and it is the wealth of these very caravans that fund your comfy seats.


Raulan - Caravan Master