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This note is found the Seal of the Loghorrean, near the entrance point.


I write this report to inform you that after ten years of waiting, the Necropolis project has reached its final depth and we are at last ready to begin the second stage. I have requisitioned slaves, building materials and the rune sealed crates to be shipped to the excavation site. I personally oversaw the transport of each of the deliveries and must inform you of one unfortunate incident.

A wagon lost a wheel and one of the crates was damaged causing a seal to be broken. This resulted in a leak. The driver insisted on helping and, despite my best attempts to dissuade him from touching the contents, he got some of the leaking ichor on him. I dispatched the poor fool on the spot, a merciful end compared to what that vile fluid would have done to him. I have contained the damage and seen restitutions paid to the man's family. Besides this unfortunate incident, there were no further delays. The remains are safely stored at the bottom of the Necropolis awaiting the completion of the prison.

I have presented your documentation to the old Architect in charge of the construction and, while he protested, he did not stand in the way of the Imperial writ. However, in the few months since I have been here, he has insisted upon reviewing what it is that we are doing to "his great work" as he keeps calling it. I have expressed the lack of wisdom and safety of this course, but he persists. Hemal Listari has a family, which might be a source of leverage to force him to leave well enough alone. Unfortunately, I fear his curiosity may force us to take drastic measures before this project is finished.

Vestiaris, Imperial Arcanist