Seal of the Night

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Seal of the Night is a component for use in all Weapons, Shields and caster Off-Hands.

This item can be crafted after finding the Blueprint.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Seal of the Night Complete.png

Seal of the Night

"Devised by the nightblade Amarasta in preparation for a particularly elusive target."
(Used in all weapons, shields and caster off-hands)


11 Cold Damage
+50% Pierce Damage
+50% Cold Damage
+50% Frostburn Damage
10% Physical Damage converted to Cold Damage
+44 Offensive Ability

Granted Skills

Chillspikes (Granted by Item)
Hurl conjured spikes of pure ice to pierce your foes.
80 Energy Cost
5 Projectile(s)
55% Chance to pass through Enemies
16% Weapon Damage
122 Piercing Damage
96-134 Cold Damage
525 Frostburn Damage over 3 Seconds
+20% Crit Damage

Required Player Level: 75
Item Level: 75

Blueprint[edit | edit source]

Crafts one complete Seal of the Night Component.

Ugdenbloom Icon.png Ugdenbloom (8)
Frozen Heart Complete.png Frozen Heart (4)
Polished Emerald Complete.png Polished Emerald (4)
Ectoplasm Complete.png Ectoplasm (4)
Cracked Lodestone Complete.png Cracked Lodestone (4)

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