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This note is found in Bonebleach Basin.

Yesterday the caravan wagons were lost. Sucked into the dunes in a burst of air and sand. Many of our porters and some of my dearest friends were gone in an instant. I had heard tales of quicksand but never in my worst dreams could I have imagined how truly horrifying the reality is. The stink that filled the air was ghastly, acidic and full of rot. How many over the centuries had been pulled into that unimaginable death?

What fools we were. Only my friend Fhariz saw the danger and we ignored him and followed our greed into death's jaws. Last night, he and I argued and fought, taking out our frustrations on each other. This morning I started at my friend lying there in the blood-soaked sand, my knife still plunged into his heart. I was alone with the vultures circling overhead.

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