Scribe Osteram's Notes

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This note is found in the Shrine of the Forgotten God.

I cannot find a single reference to this stonework in any of my books. The inscriptions don't match anything in our records. In any records. This language probably hasn't been spoken aloud in over a thousand years. What long forgotten god was once worshipped here? And why do we know nothing about it? The hideous carvings depict a gruesome scene. Was it a wicked god? It can't be Empyrion.

The Three were never depicted in such a way, and besides, the witch gods were not known to embrace such open displays of devotion. They preferred the secret places, hidden from sight and the light of day where their followers could practice without the fear of the Luminari discovering their covens.

I was under the impression that the Imperium had stamped out all the heretics in their last bloody crusade across Erulan, over a century ago. The inquisitors were quite thorough given the catastrophic death tolls recorded. Surely nobody had survived to invoke whatever power was trapped within these stones?

And yet the monolith is warm to the touch and the torches are lit as if someone visited regularly. The carving hums with strange power that sends a chill down my back. Perhaps it is best that this place be left alone, lest I stir whatever lies dormant within the ancient depths.

Nezmitt Osteram, First Scribe of the Silver Tower