Scion of the Sands

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This note is found in Morgoneth's Folly.

High Priest Tuha has made the ultimate sacrifice for the safety and integrity of the Korvan faith, but we must not allow ourselves to grow complacent in the wake of this heresy.

While the Korvan people may never learn of Morgoneth's folly, the land will not forget the crimes committed against her. The black wound festers beyond the barrier, eager to spread its malevolence. This must never come to pass.

With the blessing of our elders, I invoke the ancient rites. The infinite Korvan sands will be called to rise up in defiance of this blasphemy. They shall bear a new guardian: a scion of the sands that will embody the wrath and fury of the Korvan lands.

In this, we are united, in this we beckon... Callagadra, a name which will strike terror into the creatures of night.