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Scars of Battle (Skill)

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Scars of Battle (Skill) Icon.png   Scars of Battle
Mastery: Soldier
Tier: 8
Skill Type: Passive
Max. Level: 8
Cooldown: N/A
Associated Skills: N/A

Through countless violent encounters, you have seen the worst that battle has to offer. The horrors of war no longer hinder your actions, and neither does a little spilled blood.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Skill Progression[edit | edit source]

Updated to: v1.1.5.1

Base Levels
Level Stats
1/8 Increases Armor Absorption by 5%
4% Bleeding Resistance
4% Reduced Freeze Duration
4% Reduced Stun Duration
2/8 Increases Armor Absorption by 9%
8% Bleeding Resistance
8% Reduced Freeze Duration
8% Reduced Stun Duration
3/8 Increases Armor Absorption by 12%
12% Bleeding Resistance
12% Reduced Freeze Duration
12% Reduced Stun Duration
4/8 Increases Armor Absorption by 15%
16% Bleeding Resistance
16% Reduced Freeze Duration
16% Reduced Stun Duration
5/8 Increases Armor Absorption by 18%
20% Bleeding Resistance
20% Reduced Freeze Duration
20% Reduced Stun Duration
6/8 Increases Armor Absorption by 21%
24% Bleeding Resistance
24% Reduced Freeze Duration
24% Reduced Stun Duration
7/8 Increases Armor Absorption by 23%
28% Bleeding Resistance
28% Reduced Freeze Duration
28% Reduced Stun Duration
8/8 Increases Armor Absorption by 25%
32% Bleeding Resistance
32% Reduced Freeze Duration
32% Reduced Stun Duration
Ultimate Levels
Level Stats
9/8 Increases Armor Absorption by 26%
36% Bleeding Resistance
36% Reduced Freeze Duration
36% Reduced Stun Duration
10/8 Increases Armor Absorption by 27%
40% Bleeding Resistance
40% Reduced Freeze Duration
40% Reduced Stun Duration
11/8 Increases Armor Absorption by 28%
44% Bleeding Resistance
44% Reduced Freeze Duration
44% Reduced Stun Duration
12/8 Increases Armor Absorption by 29%
48% Bleeding Resistance
48% Reduced Freeze Duration
48% Reduced Stun Duration
13/8 Increases Armor Absorption by 30%
52% Bleeding Resistance
52% Reduced Freeze Duration
52% Reduced Stun Duration
14/8 Increases Armor Absorption by 31%
56% Bleeding Resistance
56% Reduced Freeze Duration
56% Reduced Stun Duration
15/8 Increases Armor Absorption by 32%
60% Bleeding Resistance
60% Reduced Freeze Duration
60% Reduced Stun Duration
16/8 Increases Armor Absorption by 33%
64% Bleeding Resistance
64% Reduced Freeze Duration
64% Reduced Stun Duration
17/8 Increases Armor Absorption by 34%
68% Bleeding Resistance
68% Reduced Freeze Duration
68% Reduced Stun Duration
18/8 Increases Armor Absorption by 35%
72% Bleeding Resistance
72% Reduced Freeze Duration
72% Reduced Stun Duration

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