Sahdina's Memento

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Sahdina's Memento is a Rare Amulet. It can be found in Devil's Crossing, next to the corpse of the Aetherial Colossus lying over Kerrick's destroyed merchant stand. Moving close enough will add the item automatically to the player inventory.

Sahdina's Memento is required to access the Edge of Reality and Crucible of the Dead.

Stats[edit | edit source]

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Sahdina's Memento

"A simple pendant, warded against evil. An inscription on it reads: The Web we weave carries with it the portents of Evil imagery. - Jay Peggins"
Rare Amulet

5% Less Damage from Undead
+3 Energy Regenerated per second
25% Pierce Resistance
25% Poison & Acid Resistance
25% Vitality Resistance
25% Aether Resistance
25% Chaos Resistance
25% Elemental Resistance
25% Bleeding Resistance

Required Player Level: 84
Required Spirit: 355
Item Level: 84

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