Ruminations of the Primordial One

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This note drops from the Manifestation of Korvaak, the Eldritch Sun in the Throne of the Three.

*The raging thoughts of a primordial being emanate from this scrap of runed flesh and flow through your mind* my brothers and sisters. Empyrion, vanished to the eternal tapestry of creation. The war is over, we...have lost. My kin, in their desperation, tapped into the forbidden void in order to turn the tide in their favor. They may be the victors, but the maddening whispers have them now. As for us, we are beaten. Nothing remains now but to hide and tend to our wounds. My temple still stands, my faithful remain loyal. With their worship and sacrifice, I regain my strength. It may take a hundred years, a thousand, it matters not. My vengeance is inevitable.

*Roars of agony reverberate through your flesh*

My loyal Ulzuin watches over me now along with the many-eyed fiend I've bound to his fate. Mortal eyes must not see me in this state until I am ready to return to the stars and reap my vengeance. The rabble's faith must not falter.

*The clash of battle, the sizzling power of arcane spellwork fills your ears before becoming deafened by the cracking of the very earth*

Treachery! Betrayal! Where is Ulzuin?! What sorcery is this? What has this witch done? When these bindings break, I will spill her blood and make her watch every drop. The scheming sorcerer she's allied with will burn on an eternal pyre for my amusement. As for the duplicitous Dreeg...the agony I've instilled upon him will be a mere trickle compared to the torment he will suffer for eons!

*Darkness clouds your mind, and heavy breathing fills your ears*

He stirs...the dead one stirs...his blood roils within our creations, yearning to return. Even my captors can sense their impending doom. I will not be a lamb waiting for the slaughter. This farce has gone on long enough. The Witch Gods may have stolen what is mine, taken my faith as theirs, but there are still those in this world that yearn for my brother's return. I will harness their wishes, their desperation, and through them I will break these bonds and reclaim my throne!

*You hear the clanking of chains, the straining of metal as it is pushed to its limits*

An opportunity, yes...a mortal pure of purpose, but so easily molded. He will be the harbinger of my return. I can already feel the bonds becoming brittle. The Witch Gods' hold on me weakens. And when I am free, this world will again tremble before the might of Korvaak!