Ripped Note - Second Half

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Note Location

This is a note found on a Rotting Corpse in the Candle District.

Everything has changed.

There may be a way out of this place after all. Just this morning, as I was hopelessly peering out of my tiny window, one of the sewer drains down on the street opened and a man crawled out. He looked strong, healthy even, and he was wearing some sort of armor. Since then 3 others have crawled out of the same drain. There are others still out there! Maybe they're living down here. Maybe they're searching for other survivors. I must find a way to make contact with them or some way to sneak down into the sewers.

This evening, at dusk, I will leave my hiding place to see if I can find a way down into the sewers.

If you find this note you should do the same. There's still hope for us beneath the city.

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