Ripped Note - First Half

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This note is found in a building in the Candle District.

I don't know who i"m writing this for but the words give me comfort and reason to go on living for moment longer.

I am utterly alone, tired and starving. Fatigue clouds my mind as supplies run out. I've tried desperately to find a way out of this wretched city, but there is no hope. The bridge is up and guarded by a gargantuan creature of nightmarish origins. I've no chance of scaling the wall, not without revealing myself to their patrols or falling to my death like the others.

And so I've holed up in this old attic with only a small window to observe the world below. I can hear them outside, they moan and wail as if echoing the dying cries of the creatures they once where. They're scouring the city, collecting the dead and those too weak to continue fighting. I can only imagine what terrors await those who are captured. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I'm found and share in their fate.

I can only hope death comes quickly.

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