Rennoch the Rat's Warning

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Rennoch the Rat's Warning is a note looted from a corpse located on the city wall between Malmouth Outskirts and the Candle District.

Doom set upon us in the night. It came suddenly and without warning heralded by the screams and death call of men waking to their end. The guard barracks was hit first. They were slaughtered, run through like sleeping hens. Their assailants, horrors like nothing man could imagine. I watched them from my shack, stiff as stone, stricken by what I saw. In mere moments, those things had rid the Candle District of its only hope of defense. Then they poured out onto the streets like a putrid green wave of death. The screams of men and the elderly filled my ears and the air became thick with smoke from the green fires that now washed over the district.

A strange curiosity urged me to watch. I wanted to see more. So I made my way up to the southern wall, moved silently along it and marveled as death swept through the slums below. Men scattered like legions of roaches and were stomped out by the advancing horde. At first, a small group made it to the southern bridge and crossed before it was raised. The rest fled north to the Crown Hill gates only to find them barred and locked. As the horrors closed in behind them, some climbed the walls in desperation, but its slippery stones where hewn to keep the rabble at bay. Most fell to their deaths, crashing down onto the scrambling masses below. Those few who made it to the top met with the blade of the Crown Hill guards who showed no care for the plight of those beneath.

The slaughter rages on for a time. Now the slums and hovels are silent. They have begun to seep the city, collecting corpses of the fallen and corrupting those unfortunate souls who survived.

I rest here now, with no will to continue, no desire to escape. There is no point. The world stands without hope against such foes and so I will spend my final moments in peace.

-Rennoch The Rat