Reduction to Enemy's Health

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Reduction to Enemy's Health is a special damage type. It deals damage equal to a percentage of the target's current health.

Only high tier monsters, such as Bosses and Heroes have resistance to this type of damage.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Soldier[edit | edit source]

War Cry (Skill) Icon.png War Cry: Causes reduction to enemy's health

Occultist[edit | edit source]

Bloody Pox (Skill) Icon.png Bloody Pox: Causes reduction to enemy's health

  • Transmuter (Skill) Icon.png Fevered Rage: Adds reduction to enemy's health to Bloody Pox

Summon Hellhound (Skill) Icon.png Summon Hellhound: Blazing Death ability causes reduction to enemy's health

Doom Bolt (Skill) Icon.png Doom Bolt: Causes reduction to enemy's health

Nightblade[edit | edit source]

Dual Blades (Skill) Icon.png Dual Blades

  • Execution (Skill) Icon.png Execution: Adds a chance for reduction to enemy's health to Dual Blades

Necromancer AoM[edit | edit source]

Ravenous Earth (Skill) Icon.png Ravenous Earth

  • Foul Eruption (Skill) Icon.png Foul Eruption: Adds reduction to enemy's health to Ravenous Earth

Items[edit | edit source]

Soulcarver, Corpseflayer

Unique items[edit | edit source]

Set items[edit | edit source]

Legendary items[edit | edit source]

Death Omen, Black Scourge

Monster infrequent items[edit | edit source]

Relics[edit | edit source]

Components[edit | edit source]

Devil-Touched Ammo Complete.png Devil-Touched Ammo

Restless Remains Complete.png Restless_Remains

Augments[edit | edit source]

Consumables[edit | edit source]

Constellations[edit | edit source]