Ramblings of Ughdar

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This note is found in the Temple of the Three.

Twice the moon has waned, the Great Eye weeps with tears of blood. The seas rage and the waters run red. The others had fallen silent, but yet the words remain, painted clear on the wall with gore. I study them, but their meaning eludes me. I study them yet I am no wiser. Tell me, great Guardian, what truth escapes me? What does Dreeg desire of this frail form of flesh and bone?

Your infinite gaze reaches out across the realm. It has seen the unseen. It has witnessed the green flame devour all. Its tendrils threaten our walls, our beliefs, our fates. Tell me, Master of Secrets, what must be done? The blood of the unwilling that I spilled in your name has run dry in my search for your voice. Have you too fallen silent to our pleas?

The quiet is too quiet. The voices are gone. I must hear their chattering sermons once more or I shall go mad! I must see beyond what I can see. If the gods will not come to me, than I shall seek them where they lay dreaming.

Ughdar Claz, Servant of Dreeg