Progress in Old Town

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This note is found on a bookshelf in Port Valbury: Old Town.

As you requested, I have made contact with many of the less reputable arrivals here at port. I made it clear to them that big changes are on the horizon and permitted them to smuggle in contraband unchecked. In exchange, some of the sailors are now working for me to spread rumors, gather information and...eliminate unwanted interruptions if need be.

The rumor regarding an impending rise in taxes has caught like wildfire and townspeople are rightfully displeased. We also successfully diverted all garbage collection to the already overflowing dump in old town. The nearby homeowners are naturally very upset by this, and I suspect complaints will soon be arriving at the mayor's offices for you to intercept.

So long as you keep the mayor oblivious to the larger problems arising in Port Valbury, we should be able to stir up a mob within weeks. Already I am receiving word of growing dissent in taverns and secret gatherings to discuss city matters. The city is reaching a boiling point.

The fearmongering regarding witches has also turned up far more candidates than we even anticipated. Paranoid, or simply selfish, people are reporting their neighbors for completely innocuous acts, but it is all the excuse the city guard needs to apprehend these women and bring them to the docks, where our new associates smuggle them to Malmouth.

I take particular delight when I see a noblewoman brought through my doors, knowing that some rich pompous family is forever ruined by rumors and spite. But it will not be long before they all burn for the injustices they enjoyed for generations.

-Jarren, Port Valbury Harbormaster