Port Valbury Mayor's Journal - Part 2

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This note is found in a chest inside a building in the central south east of Port Valbury: High Town.

I no longer know what game Aldritch is playing, but it has come at a cost to our citizens and that I cannot allow to continue. Whether out of malice or plain incompetence, I have not been receiving updates regarding recent events in Port Valbury, the tragically mishandled trash issues in old town in particular. I am now hearing rumors of outright revolt and dissent among the citizens.

Whatever the council had done in my absence was clearly not done in the best interest of the citizenry. Tomorrow I intend to return to the public eye and remove Van Aldritch from the position of High Advisor, risk against my life be damned.

But there is some good news in all this. Keval, the nightblade once under my employ, has asked to meet. He promises me information regarding a plot against my life.

- Khallos Strune, Mayor of Port Valbury

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