Port Valbury Mayor's Journal - Part 1

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This note is found inside a chest in the first building of Port Valbury: Old Town.

It has become quite obvious that I have angered some very determined enemies. No less than three assassination attempts in as many weeks. Outrageous! My position is not that important to the empire to warrant such aggression. Nor am I that despised by any of the factions within the city, not to my knowledge.

No, this doesn't feel politically driven. It's as if it were a personal vendetta. With the identities of the assassins pointing in several disparate directions, it is difficult to paint the full picture. I need more information. My advisors now insist that I have four guards with me at all times. What a bother.

Advisor Aldritch has suggested that, until we know more about the nature of my attackers, I should avoid all public hearings, to minimize risk. I believe he is using this as an opportunity to solidify his position, but he is not wrong either. For now I will play to his tune and stay out of public affairs. Aldritch and the rest of the council will attend to the public while I delve to the bottom of this plot against me.

-Khallos Strune, Mayor of Port Valbury

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