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Hellhound Pet.jpg

Pets are allied creatures summoned by the player to fight enemies. Pet stats and damage are increased by Bonus to All Pets affixes and stats, although base attributes (Health, Energy, etc) scale with player level.

Pets can be obtained from Mastery, Devotion and Item Skills, and can be permanent or have a temporary life span. Some pets can also be issued direct commands, such as to attack a specific target or to move to a specific location. These pets have their health status displayed in the upper left of the screen when summoned. Controllable pets have three stances: Normal, Defensive and Aggressive.

  • Normal Stance is the default used when a pet is summoned. It is a balance between the Defensive and Aggressive states.
  • Defensive Stance forces the pet to stay close to the player and causes it to attack anything that attacks the player.
  • Aggressive Stance allows the pet to roam and attack anything that comes within its line of sight. It will aggressively seek out targets, even ones that have not attacked the player.

A list of all available pets can be viewed below.

List of Pets[edit | edit source]

Permanent[edit | edit source]

Pet name Source Summon Limit Cooldown
Blight Fiend Necromancer: Summon Blight Fiend 1 18s
Blighted Rift Scourge Amulet: Blightshard Amulet 1 60s
Briarthorn Shaman: Summon Briarthorn 1 18s
Chillmane Yeti Amulet: Heart of the Mountain 1 45s
Crab Spirit Relic: Hysteria 1 45s
Hellhound Occultist: Summon Hellhound 1 30s
Revenant of Og'Napesh Off - Hand: Black Grimoire of Og'Napesh 1 60s
Skeletal Servant Relic: Dirge of Arkovia 1 45s
Skeletal Warrior Necromancer: Raise Skeletons 3-10 18-10 sec
Stormhound Relic: Savage 1 45s
Storm Raven Occultist: Summon Familiar 1 18s

Temporary[edit | edit source]

Pet name Source Trigger Summon Limit Duration Cooldown
Black Scourge Scepter: Black Scourge 30% Chance on enemy death 3 8 secs n/a
Bound Spirit Gloves:Bonescavenger's Deathgrips 30% chance on Enemy Death 3 20 secs 1 sec
Ch'thonian Devourer Mace: Black Hand of Sanar'Siin 30% chance on hit 3 15 secs 5 secs
Ch'thonian Fiend Amulet: Will of Bysmiel n/a 3 25 secs 40 secs
Eldritch Hound Constellation: Bysmiel's Bonds 20% chance on attack 1 20 secs level-dependent
Elemental Seeker Constellation: Blind Sage 100% chance on attack 1 3 secs 1.2 secs
Living Shadow Constellation: Unknown Soldier 100% chance on critical 1 10 - 20 secs 6 secs
Primal Spirit Shaman: Conjure Primal Spirit n/a 1 20 secs 40 secs
Reckless Guardian Off-Hand: Karvor's Conjuring Bone 5% chance on Attack 1 22 secs 45 secs
suffix: of Binding 5% chance on Attack 1 22 secs 45 secs
Salazar's Harbinger Salazar's Sovereign Blade n/a 1 30 secs 120 secs
Skeleton Constellation: Revenant 100% chance on Enemy Death 3 - 5 10 - 40 secs 3 secs
Stalwart Guardian Ring: Marrow Band, Empowered Marrow Band 5% Chance when Hit 1 22 secs 45 secs
prefix: Keeper's % Chance on Block 1 22 secs 45 secs
Sundered Wraith Necromancer: Reap Spirit n/a 1 10s 6s
Swarmling Relic: Primal Instinct 33% chance on attack 5 25 secs 2 secs