Peacekeeper Chambre's Journal

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This note is found in a house in the Village of Darkvale.

Our little town is surrounded by forts and soldiers of the Imperium, and yet I have never felt more alone or vulnerable. Each day I see more and more soldiers leaving Fort Haron to head north while the road through Darkvale is a never-ending stream of refugees heading south. Those fleeing the capital tell horrific tales of people gone crazy, of robbing and looting as madness consumes the head of our nation. One story even described a mob running down a woman in the street and devouring her alive. Sounds like a horror story, but I am assured that it's the whole truth.

With so many new faces in town, my deputies are taxed with holding the town together. Fighting over scarce goods has become a daily ritual. We have had several murders in the last two weeks, a concept once entirely strange to our little village. Three more people have vanished over the last week. At first we didn't pay it much heed, what with the coming and going of folk on account of the refugee situation, but with these three it now makes a total of six that have gone missing since Thom with not a soul aware of where they'd gone to.

Whatever is stirring in the capital must be making its way here as well. Some unseen dread that you can't quite pinpoint, but you can see it in the faces of those travelling south. Desperation... fear... it's all around us now, and it has taken root in Darkvale. The mayor has expressed similar concerns, particularly around a strange new religion that's been attracting followers recently. Could they be behind the recent disappearances?

-Vincent Chambre, Peacekeeper of Darkvale