Patch Notes v1.1.1.2 Hotfix 3 (Apr 6, 2019)

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Patch Notes
v1.1.4.2 Aug 28, 2019
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v1.1.1.0 Hotfix 1 Mar 28, 2019
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B8 Minor May 15, 2013

v1.1.1.2 Hotfix 3


  • You can now toggle your preferred Mobility Skill behavior when using a Gamepad in the game options (lock on target or move max distance).
  • Fixed an issue where items with % Elemental Resist or % Bleed Resist were not properly included in the filter when setting the Loot Filter to search for items with Resistances
  • The background bitmap of the Challenge Area UI no longer prevents mouse input.
  • Fixed a crash when using Drain Essence.
  • Fixed an issue where Vire's Might could get stuck running in place indefinitely.
  • Fixed Eye of Reckoning getting cancelled when affected with the trap debuff.
  • Fixed a bug with Item Set Transmutation in multiplayer.
  • Hardcore characters will once again be able to accept their deaths.

[Shattered Realm]

  • Reduced the % Progress at which monsters are marked on the minimap to 80%, from 90%.
  • You may now select from any checkpoints you've previously unlocked when using a Waystone (ex. a Celestial Waystone can be used to proceed to Shard 65, 70 or 75, rather than only taking you to the highest of those three options that you've unlocked)
  • Fixed an issue where players would gain different amounts of XP in multiplayer when cashing out after using a Waystone.
  • Fixed various instances where monsters could spawn out of bounds on Boss levels. If you encounter such issues in the future, please report the location to us as a bug report.


  • Smoothed out Monster Health scaling on Gladiator Difficulty at Waves 130+, scaling a bit higher than previously at Waves 150+
  • Might of Amatok: replaced % Offensive Ability bonus with 75 Offensive Ability
  • Vanguard Banner: removed % Crit damage bonus


  • Increased hitbox for Banners around Forgotten Gods final boss arena to improve transparency fading.


  • Added additional interactions with Kymon's Chosen that clarify where they stand during (and after) the Forgotten Gods conflict. Previously, players only interacted with some of them while working with only one of the three cults.
  • Increased drop rate of Celestial Lotus from bosses that can drop it
  • Monster debuffs that affect Health Regeneration no longer completely negate it.
  • Fixed an issue with Sagon's dialogue in the Vanguard of the Three where a quest offer would be available repeatedly.
  • Fixed several issues with mislabeled dungeon entrances, missing tags, mislabeled NPCs, etc.
  • Corrected various grammatical/spelling errors that have been reported.
  • Fixed an issue where Forgotten Gods sets could not be generated when Transmuting with the Random Set option at the Inventor.
  • Clarified Reputation reward info for the three Witch God Cult Factions. The New Quests previously listed at Respected were actually made available to all players regardless of Faction state. The New Quest at Honored now correctly states that it is available if you allied yourself with that specific cult.


  • Increased the Max Distance for Disengage Rune Augment Skills
  • Increased the Max Distance and Damage on Leap Rune Augment Skills
  • Rune Augment - Disorder: increased Cooldown to 4.6s
  • Rune Augment - Displacement: increased Cooldown to 4.2s
  • Legendary - Ardor of Octavious Set: reduced Cooldown Modifier for Aegis of Menhir to -0.3s
  • Legendary - Visor of Octavius: reduced Internal Trauma damage to 11 / 5s
  • Legendary - Bysmiel's Trinkets Set: removed +1 Summon Burst and 30 Lightning damage Modifiers for Summon Familiar. The set continues to offer the means to have 2 Familiars summoned at once.
  • Legendary - Chausses of Barbaros: removed % Armor bonus on the skill proc
  • Legendary - Cyclone Mask: reduced Fire damage modifier for Wind Devil to 36 and Lightning damage modifier to 1-70
  • Legendary - Mythical Chausses of Barbaros: removed % Armor bonus on the skill proc
  • Legendary - Vanquisher's Armor: removed extraenous % Elemental damage bonus. The item was intended to be Fire/Aether and the Elemental was leftover from a previous iteration in Beta.

[Class & Skills]

  • Chance of 100% Cooldown Reduction effects, ex. Ulzuin's Chosen, now have a visual indicator + sound effect that play over your character when they trigger.


  • Summon Familiar: adjusted base pet resists to be more in line with other pets. The Familiar was hogging some Grim Dawn Alpha values in the resists department. It's 2019, get with the word, bird.


  • Summon Guardian of Empyrion: guardians are now less vocal about their ghostly situation
  • Eye of Reckoning and Soulfire now have accurate DPS calculations.
  • Haven: replaced flat Health with % Health
  • Reprisal: reduced Chance of Cooldown Reset scaling at ultimate ranks to 25% by max ultimate rank

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