Passing Judgment

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This note is found as a random drop from the various Ancient Lecterns inside Arkovian Undercity, as well as the one outside the Old Arkovia entrance.

This is to be a record of the passing of the final verdict regarding the practice of necromancy and its prominence in Arkovian society.

The grand court has reviewed the case of one Olurokk who had willfully and consciously committed the despicable act of raising the deceased form of his neighbor's wife and using her to torture and exploit the victim for personal pleasure and financial gain. Under the weight of undeniable evidence and witness reports, this court had no choice but to sentence the necromancer Olurokk to hanging until dead.

This crime is but a drop in the well of the sins committed by necromancers in our land. The people have spoken and action must be taken. For this, and countless other crimes, against nature, against the gods and against Arkovia, let it be known that the practice of necromancy, the most vile of the ancient arts, is henceforth forbidden from the lands of Arkovia under the strictest of punishments. Those found ignorant of this proclamation shall be transported, without trial, to the Steps of Torment, where they shall be locked away to the last of their days in the deepest pits of Anguish.