Order Doctrine

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Order Doctrine is a note found in the Chamber of Souls.

The Order of Death's Vigil was founded upon the principles of Uroboruuk, our immortal grandmaster. Uroboruuk taught us to never be fulfilled by life's countless mysteries, to reach ever deeper into the fount of knowledge.

As members of the Order, it is our sacred duty to preserve and maintain knowledge, regardless of its origins or unsettling nature; as it is not for man to discern its value. Knowledge is a wealth easily squandered by those who fear it, as evidenced by the near eradication of our Order's founding doctrine, the art of necromancy.

Mastery of the ultimate fate which awaits all men represents an unparalleled frontier of learning. So it falls upon our neophytes to conquer their fear of death, to accept its harsh lessons. For not even in death does duty end.