Note to Aimee Brenoch

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The Note to Aimee Brenoch can be found in the Steelcap District, in the upper floor of the butcher at the first corner after leaving the Resistance Hideout.

My lovely Aimee.

I have no hope that this message will find is way to you, but it offers me comfort to lay out my final thoughts to you.

I still remember the look on your face when you discovered you were with child. How you thought you could hide it from me all those long weeks. There was no hiding it, the joy was written all over your face. I will cherish that memory to the last of my hours.

You must forgive me, my love, for I will not be returning to you. Something indescribable has happened to the city. There are so many people dead, killed in fighting that broke out overnight. There are other things, unimaginable things, terrors that roam the city hunting people down and slaughtering them wherever they hide.

I am told there is no way out of the city now. The gates are barred and the bridge has been raised. But there are still people here, Aimee, people I can help. I beg for your forgiveness.

Should these words reach you, I implore you to leave this place behind. Leave the farm immediately and never return. I fear that whatever has happened in Malmouth will spread beyond the city walls. Move swiftly and speak to no one. You must save yourself and our child. Find a place, a hidden place, and raise her well.

Wherever you go Aimee, if I make it out of this place, I will find you, that is a promise.

With All My Love.

Eral Brenoch

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