Nearan's Work Log

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Nearan's Work log note found in a chest in Malmouth Harbor (the Blackiron Docks section).

Per your request, I will be documenting the work logs here. I hope this information is useful in your endeavors.

The Blackirons have been as busy as ever with military shipments, but overwhelming requests from the other harbormasters have had us unloading commercial boats as well. it seems the quantity of goods entering the city has doubled in the last few months. We've gone from 2 ships daily, to 4 or more.

Interestingly enough, a large number of the new ships are coming from Port Valbury. They've been arriving in the early hours of the morning twice, or more, weekly. Every on of them crammed to the gunwale with crated goods marked for delivery to Crown Hill, recipient unspecified. Don't know what the fine folk such as yourself need with so many deliveries, but I suppose I'm not paid to ask such questions.

Had an incident of insubordination recently though when I caught young Orith walking around with a strange crystal, sharp as a blade and green like tarnished copper. I asked him where he'd gotten it, and he was naturally mum about it; but threats to his job got through to him right fast. He said he stole it from one of the Crown Hill deliveries, didn't think nothing of it. I had him put it back where he found it.

I saw it fit to discipline him by half a day's pay, to which he agreed. I don't presume we'll have any more problems from Orith and I do not recommend further punishment. He's a good lad, just stupid.

That about sums things up for last week. Let me know if this is what you were looking for. I will continue to report on a weekly basis, as requested.

-Nearan Lehner