Muddy Note

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This note is found in the East Marsh.

Blasted bridge south out of town seems to have collapsed. Figured I'd try my luck through the marshes. Damn was that a poor decision. Now the wagon is stuck in this fetid bog and I am stuck right here with it. Half a ton of gold and gems in the back, enough for a king's ransom. I still can't believe my fortunes. The owner of the jewelry shop just left it abandoned and somehow nobody else got the idea before me to break in there. Of course, that all might be for nothing now as it's just sinking into the mud!

If it sinks any further, the horse will end up pulled in with it. I have to do something, and fast. I need to find some help, surely others have fled in this direction. A few gems should smooth over the conversation.

I can see the light of a campfire not too far off. Couldn't make out a word they are saying, sound like a foreign language, but I am sure we can come to an agreement. Who doesn't understand the common language of gold and gemstones? Going to see who they are and if they can help me get unstuck. I can smell cooking pork too, maybe they wouldnt mind sharing a bit?