Morgoneth's Lessons - Page 3

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This note is found in the treasure room of Morgoneth's Folly

It is as I told you, my brothers and sisters in darkness. The betrayers inevitably learned of our actions and they come, oh they come. They bring their runes and their constructs of mortal war, but they will soon learn that one cannot defy the ultimate truth. The abyss calls to us all. We may fight it, resist it, but in the end, we will all be consumed by it. The gods learned this truth long ago and even they must ultimately submit. Their stars will not defy their fate forever.

The conduit of eternal night is complete. Its unlight will bask the stars in shadow and usher in the unmaking. It matters not what happens to us this day, the betrayers at the temple are too late. The barrier is no more. The great devourer has tasted of our bounty and will be held back no longer.

They may rip and tear at our flesh; they may even triumph over our mortal forms, but they have not peered into the abyss as we have. They know nothing of what awaits, and what is yet to come.

Go forth into eternity, my magi.

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