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This note is found inside a Dilapidated Urn in the Court of the Magi.

Fear not, my magi. While we may be delving into the unknown, we are not doing so blindly. Here, within the Gardens of Ateph, the iris of night offers us a glimpse into the tapestry beyond. Watch as the stars dwindle and fade at its edges. Witness as the insatiable darkness eats away at what the gods have wrought.

That, my friends, is true power; the power to unravel even the will of the gods. This is what we seek and what we will learn to master. In that, I will be your honored guide. I have peered into its infinity and know how to navigate its pitfalls. It is only natural to fear this emptiness, this absence of all things, but if you give yourself fully to unraveling its secrets, we will surpass even the gods the priesthood claims to speak for.

}Do not mistake my enthusiasm for rash action, however. It is imperative that we proceed with caution; not just for the integrity of our spellcraft but to shield ourselves from the prying eyes of the priesthood. So that each of us knows we do not stand alone, I have forged eight rings.

These jewels not only serve as a symbol binding us in this conclave, they will ward us against unwanted attention, from our plane and the one beyond.

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