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This note is found inside a Dilapidated Urn in the Tomb of the Heretic.

Brothers and sisters of the moon. I implore you to listen.

Like me, you surely feel the absence of the Eldritch Sun's warmth upon our lands. The priests may deny it, the Vizier may create spectacles upon the temple steps, but we all know the undeniable truth: the Korvan people have been abandoned before the vastness of the celestial veil by an uncaring god.

But will we stand idle as our enemies encroach upon us? Of course not, brothers and sisters! We are the Korvan people! Our steel is mighty and our knowledge of the arcane is without compare.

Join me in the Gardens of Ateph! Let us cast down the shackles of the priests sitting upon their golden thrones in Korvan City.

We will carve a new future from the tapestry of fate, one forged by our own hand and not by the whims of fickle gods!

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