Morgoneth's Invitation

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This note is found inside a Dilapidated Urn in the Tomb of the Heretic.

The Grand Magus sure has a way with words. I fear that I am merely caving to his flowery speeches and excessive flattery, but if six others had already joined him in this endeavor, then there must be some merit to his pursuits.

His methods have always been...unorthodox for lack of a better word, but if we are to topple a system that's been in place for centuries, perhaps unorthodox is exactly what we need. I too tire of the chokehold the Korvan priests have upon the study of the vast celestial veil. I think they often forget they are not gods. What gives them the right to judge us for wishing to know more of our makers? Do they fear what lies we may uncover?

And now, with rumors of the Temple of the Eldritch Sun growing cold, perhaps we are at the precipice of change our stagnant society desperately needs. The prospect of being part of the push over this veritable edge has my spine tingling with the possibilities.

Magi Orissia