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I am the Lord of Beasts, protector of nature, and guardian of the Rhowari. Your mortal kind calls me Mogdrogen.

See Avatar of Mogdrogen (Boss). For the Constellation, see Mogdrogen the Wolf

A shapeshifter, a God of Beasts, he is the protector of nature, worshipped by the travelling people 'The Rovers'. You first encounter him in the Asterkarn Valley after you've completed the Rhowari Legacy quest.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • A titan created during the war of the gods, Mogdrogen has become the god of beasts and is said to roam the wild reaches of Cairn. Legends claim Mogdrogen is a shapeshifter, usually seen as a giant wolf but occasionally taking other forms, even that of a human. Mogdrogen roams the far reaches of Cairn, guarding the wilds against the encroachment of civilization. - Mogdrogen the Wolf
  • "Recent events bring trouble to my heart. A mortal, one of the Erulan inquisitors they call Kymon, has stumbled upon something. Something...ancient and forgotten. And like any imprudent mortal, he did not leave what should have remained forgotten alone. A mighty blaze now stirs deep beneath the Korvan Plateau. The beasts of Cairn are restless. They sense it too. To compound this mystery, the normally capricious false gods have gone curiously silent. I suspect they've receded to their pocket realm. The timing cannot be fortuitous. The Witch Gods are afraid. Their attention must be drawn to the same power that now consumes the souls of Kymon and his chosen. The mortals' ardent worship feeds it, gives it strength and form. Rumblings among the humans speak of the mighty Empyrion's return, but I know that to be the false hopes of helpless wretches. The identity of this forgotten power eludes me, and yet it feels so...familiar. What I am certain of however is that cataclysmic change is upon us. I have felt it in the earth. Smelled it upon the wind. Forces I have not sensed in millennia yearn for vengeance and blood. I must gather my Rhowari. The time approaches when their conviction will truly be tested." - Mogdrogen's Ruminations
  • "The First Traveler was Rhowan, a king of old Arkovia, the city which once ruled over these lands and many others. It is said that Rhowan met an old man on the road while returning from a battle. The old man spoke of many strange things and revealed that he was a god who had wandered every path in this world since the dawn of time. He warned Rhowan that a great doom would befall Arkovia because of his people's obsession with title and ownership. When Rhowan returned, he renounced his throne and lands and took to the road, keeping only what he could carry. Many joined him and they were called the Rhowari and eventually became modern day rovers. Most of the Arkovians ridiculed Rhowan, including his family who thought him mad but, in the end, the old man's prophecy came true; Arkovia fell to ruin, its lands cursed to this day." - Kuldo
  • "How did you convince Rhowan to secede his throne in Arkovia?" - Player
    • An ancient tale, and one I enjoy retelling. However, I convinced him of nothing. I saw into his heart and revealed to him the truth he already knew. It was Rhowan who had the wisdom to accept my words as nothing less and for that his descendants have my blessing. - Mogdrogen
  • "Legends speak of a time when Mogdrogen, the beast god, made a pact with Rhowan that no animal shall harm him or his people for as long as they never lift a blade. Unfortunately aether-afflicted animals do not seem to share this sentiment." - Mogdrogen's Sanctity (Augment)

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