Missive to the Mourndale Bloodbound

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Missive to the Mourndale Bloodbound is a note found in Mourndale.

Brothers and Sisters of Blood,

Disturbing rumors have reached my ears. Rumors that some of you have begun questioning our cause, questioning those who hear the calling of the void. You believe you have been misled by false prophets, but allow me to reassure you.

I had my loyal bloodbinders bring forth three dozen of those who would question our resolve in these trying times. Through their lack of vision, yours shall be rewarded. Their blood shall serve where their wills could not. Behold the fruit of their sacrifice: new rifts that reach into the very heart of the Dead God's realm. Through them shall arise the agents of torment, beings of pure darkness that will spill forth the blood that is rightfully Ch'thon's.

Do not dread my brothers and sisters, your faith in Ch'thon is not misplaced. We will not allow the failures of one to delude our grand cause. We will call into the darkness and the darkness will bring forth such might as to shake the very foundations of Cairn. A new day of reckoning will come; a day where the faithful shall stomp out the false gods and restore the glory of Ch'Thon.

-Ulto Treig, Grand Priest