Missive to the Master of Flesh

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Missive to the Master of Flesh is a note that drops from the Master of Flesh in the Sanctum of Flesh.

First, I must apologize for my tone in our earlier exchange. Your recent experimentations in Malmouth had the Circle concerned that you were diverging from the established consensus. We now see that we have erred in our judgment.

The Circle finds the results of your experimentation upon living tissue to be of the highest interest. If the findings are indeed as promising as you assert, then a new consensus shall be ordained without delay; one that takes these new parameters into consideration in our grand vision.

Which brings us to the other matter which has spurred this communication. The Circle has been made aware of stirrings within the Aether that may prove concerning. Great eyes now turn their attention towards this world. If They are made aware of what has transpired here, then all we have created, all we gained, may be in jeopardy. Our grand vision must not be interrupted by cosmic ruminations.

Victory is at hand, but we have to claim it! It is prudent that you execute your role without fail and I trust that we shall experience no further complications, Shaper of Flesh. No further delays shall be tolerated. We can no longer afford to be patient.

-Adjunct Orin Vostra, Fourth of the Circle of Five