Missive to Wightmire Bloodbound

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Missive to Wightmire Bloodbound is a note found in a lectern in the Cultist's Lair in Wightmire.

The time has come to strike at our Aetherial nemesis in Wightmire. Even now, we gather our forces in the hills above Burrwitch for an assault on the Village. However, before that can happen, we must first secure Wightmire so that there are no enemies at our back

Though strong, loyal and ready to die in the name of Ch'thon, I believe you have insufficient Bloodbound to overcome the Aetherials' presence. We have had great success recently in bringing forth more powerful servants of Ch'thon from the Void. A single Harbinger could wipe out all of the Aetherians in Wightmire and even take on Devil's Crossing, which could serve as a stronghold for our order in this region.

To bring forth a Harbinger, you will need the blood and lives of at least three men. Gather the sacrifices however you see fit; either from refugees on the road, rover camps or chosen amongst your own Bloodbound. Inform me of your success when it is complete.

Ulto Treig, Grand Priest