Missive to Elders of Ulzuin's Temple

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This note is found in the Ruins of Abyd.

Esteemed elders,

I wish to express my deepest concerns in regards to the recent actions of our patron and guardian, the divine Ulzuin. I realize that it is not our place as mortals to judge the behavior of the gods, for their whims are beyond our limitations to understand, but this course of events warrants apprehension.

Since his return, the divine has not been himself. He has ever been on the bottle that our temple's stock cannot replenish quickly enough. I've been forced to instruct our aspirants to seize incoming shipments of wine before they can be claimed by local merchants. But even that is not enough to sate his bloated appetite.

A Cairan caravan was rerouted to the temple on a daily basis, bringing in fresh courtesans for the pleasures of our patron. I've received numerous complaints from the merchant guild regarding the seizure of shipments and their caravan, but these voices were quickly silenced when I invoked Ulzuin's name in their presence.

I imagine none of this sounds alarming on its own, however more recently the divine has taken an unusual interest in a particular maiden of the temple. She is a young and ambitious priestess and I admit the mighty Ulzuin has good taste. Her brilliant emerald eyes shine underneath that raven black hair and her face glows with lustful desire. At first, I wrote it off as another of the divine's conquests, but he has begun to shun others in her favor. At times, our own attendants are denied access to Ulzuin's chambers so that she may tend to his wounds and wishes personally.

I braved the celestial's wrath and suggested that it may be dangerous for a god to allow a single mortal to grow so close to him when so many are in need of his guidance and protection. Even in his weakened state, Ulzuin hurled a stone brazier in my direction with ease, damaging the mosaic upon the wall and turning the brazier into mere rubble. I dare not show my face to him again until his anger has subsided.

It is clear to me now that this young priestess has consumed the divine's attention, like a spider ensnaring a victim in its web. If we cannot speak sense to Ulzuin, then we must keep eye upon her, learn of her methods and motives. It is possible that she merely desires to taste the pleasures of divine flesh, but I've never seen our mighty lord so enthralled by a mortal.

I call upon all my brethren to take heed of this warning and join me in my endeavor without drawing the ire of our patron. But if Ulzuin cannot protect himself from these mortal pursuits, then we will need to take the necessary measures, for the good of the Korvan people, of course.