Milton Hart's Note

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This is a note that drops from Milton Hart in Wightmire.

I'm afraid I may have to break a promise. I'm not about to give up yet but things aren't looking good outside. I was lucky to survive that first night when I volunteered to distract the rotten walkers while Bourbon and his group, including my little sister Sybil, make their way through to Devil's Crossing. I believe in Bourbon and if anyone can get those people through, it's him. Before they left, I looked Bourbon in the eye and told him to keep her safe. He put his arm on my shoulder and spoke in that calm reassuring tone of his. He told me that he would do everything he can, but I had to promise him something too: that I would do my damn best to get out of this alive.

Well I've sure got myself into a fine fix. I diverted them walkers alright but now I'm all hemmed in. I've been hiding in a group of old dilapidated shacks and keep changing position whenever the dead get too close. I can't find a way forward though and I'm running out of daylight. The walkers seem stupid generally but I think they dug out the riverbanks last night, allowing the water to wash the road out. It's almost as though something is directing them.

I'm not done yet and have no intention of dying in this rotting shack. I'm going to try to break free and will go out fighting if I have to. If the worst comes to pass and you're finding this note on my cold corpse, well, please let my sister Sybil know what's come to pass and tell her to be brave. I can only hope she made it to Devil's Crossing.