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Luther Graves

Merchants are known as Dealers in the world of Grim Dawn, and several can be found in Devil's Crossing, as well as in other areas of the game world.

Act 1[edit | edit source]

Kerrick can be found and accessed at the beginning of the game in Devil's Crossing, just outside the Prison gates.
Luther becomes available after completion of The Lost Caravan side quest, after which he can be found outside the Prison gates opposite Kerrick.
Located at the Rover camp in Wightmire.

Act 2[edit | edit source]

There are another two Roving Dealers, located in the Rovers camps in  the Arkovian Foothills and Old Arkovia.
Located on level 5 of the Steps of Torment (Anguish). In addition to regular items, Marris sells rare components, Monster infrequent items and Recipes. Does not buy items.

Act 3[edit | edit source]

located in Homestead. Will offer a faction discount.
If you let Isaiah live during the Vengeance quest in Act 2, he can be found later at Homestead offering vendor services. He stocks Caster weapons, off-hand items and accessories crafteable potions and numerous components. He also offers a faction discount.
  • Palleor - Order Supplier
Merchant for the Order of Death's Vigil, located in the Bastion of the Order.
  • Brother Jarron - Kymon's Supplier
Merchant for Kymon's Chosen, located in Kymon's Sanctuary.
Found in a secret location near the Blood Grove riftgate. Sells a selection of Monster Infrequent items.

Located in Port Valbury: High Town. He sells various Aetherial Monster Infrequent Items. Will not buy items.

Act 4[edit | edit source]

Located in Fort Ikon. Offers a faction discount.
Located in Fort Ikon. Sells Common low-level Legacy Monster Infrequent items for use with the Illusionist.
Located on the 4th level of the Bastion of Chaos. Offers some Monster Infrequents in addition to regular items. Will not buy items.

Act 5[edit | edit source]

Located at the small Rover camp near the Gloomwald Riftgate
Located at the Coven's Refuge
Located in Barrowholm (Location)

Act 6[edit | edit source]

Located in the Sewer Hideout in the Malmouth Sewers
Located in the Steelcap District