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Obelisk of Menhir Constellation Icon.png

Shard of Menhir Item.png Menhir, God of the Earth, is a steadfast protector of Cairn.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Menhir, god of the earth, is a steadfast protector of Cairn. He is prayed to equally both by men eager to defend their home and farmers hoping for a bountiful crop. Ancient stone monoliths mark sacred grounds of Menhir to this day. - Obelisk of Menhir (Constellation)

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Call out to the earth deity, Menhir. Menhir is an ancient aspect that blesses his followers with the tenacity of the very earth. - Menhir's Bulwark (Skill)
  • "Legends speak of a mortal who, when beseeched by the gods, cleaved Mount Menhir in two, forming Menhir's Twins." - Earthsplitter
  • "It is said that earth blessed by the deity Menhir brings the most plentiful harvest. When applied correctly, this blessing can be extended to tools, homes and even weapons." - Menhir's Blessing (Augment)

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